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TRDX is the best platform for training and direct trading on the Forex market

whywe arebetter then others?

What makes TRDX better than its competitors, and what guarantees does it provide to its students?

Our work is result-oriented! Our strategy is aimed at training and explaining the key aspects of Forex trading. We provide students with the most up-to-date information, tools for trading, explain the reasons for making decisions when working with orders, teach them to use statistics, and navigate the volatile finance market. For us, the main thing is to make the future trader a "shark " of stock trading assets!

How long does our system work?

We have been operating for more than three years! During all this time, we continually monitor the development of Forex trading, introduce new tools and concepts that allow traders to work as comfortably as possible with the purchase and sale operations of the exchange market.

Is this a fraud?

We are a platform for working with the Forex market. The company only provides tools and a training program for clients. Traders work directly with Forex through our marketing tools. To claim that TRDX is a fraud is to claim that the entire global exchange marketing system is a fraud!

Is this not a network scheme/pyramid?

Trading on the stock exchange, as well as any other financial operations, carry their risks. However, unlike "pyramids" and other similar offices, exchange trading will not "burst" like a soap bubble at the request of one person who decided to stop "collecting cream". The world economy is built upon Forex. Of course, you can lose your funds if you make an incorrect decision to open/close order, but this will only be your mistake. The TRDX training course is designed specially to reduce the possibility of your mistakes when making a financial transaction when trading

A set of tools for the trader

Our indicators of events on the world stock exchange transmit information to the trader online, 24 hours a day. In addition to the banal "buy" and "sell" buttons, we have developed a special, unique feature for our clients. Any trader working on our TRDX platform can easily set up a personal dashboard for themselves. You can hide unnecessary charts and indicators, or vice versa, add many tracers of the market changing every second.

A unique trading platform of its kind

Our company has specially designed TRDX tools for concluding agreements on the Forex market, and they fully meet the needs of the trader. For all trading software, we use HTML5, which, in turn, significantly simplifies the ability to conclude futures agreements. You don't need to install separate software for work. You can make trades from any device that supports Internet access, using a browser that is compatible with HTML5

TRDX is for innovation!

Every day we introduce a lot of new and useful features for our platform. Our team consists of a specially selected staff of programmers and analysts who work together to develop new, practical functionality for our clients. Our accomplishments are never enough for us, so we are continually developing!

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The crisis is an opportunity to change your life for the better.


What are the advantages of TRDX training?

The TRDX training program will help minimize risks in trading operations. Over the years, we have developed and refined training materials based on statistics, trade experience, and other nuances that affect global trade. In turn, you can always stop trading in time when you feel that you can face the crisis.

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the advantages of TRDX training

TRDX results and achievements


TRDX results and achievements

According to statistics, the annual income of students was:
2017 – 111%
2018 – 96%
2019 – 118%
At the moment, we have already conducted training with more than 100 participants of the TRDX training program, whose turnover is more than 2,000,000 dollars.

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Limitless possibilities

Note that our developments are used by both housewives and entrepreneurs who have their businesses. For many people, trading on the Forex market is extra earning that brings considerable income. Many of the company's students begin to get a small income at the beginning of training, trading "on a passive basis".

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Limitless possibilities


TrdX Program

The TRDX training program will help minimize risks in trading operations. Over the years, we have developed and refined training materials based on statistics, trade experience, and other nuances that affect global trade.


Your Investments Is Protected

For more than three years, our company TRDX has been developing and implementing all-new analysis tools for Forex trading. Our developments have become unique in their kind. TRDX dashboards allow you to get complete information about the state of the market in the desired period. That, in turn, helps the trader make the right decision to open or close an order.


Platform Developing

The idea of creating TRDX is to introduce innovative approaches to trading on the exchange market. The multi-functional, customizable TRDX platform allows you to unlock the potential of any trader, from beginner to professional. We strive to become the best in working with the assets of all the world's famous exchange markets and trading platforms.


Security Token From TRDX

A security token is a kind of digital package of shares that allows the owner to receive a dividend from the company where you have purchased it. Obtaining a security token is regulated by the relevant documents confirming the ownership of the investment share of profit.In other words, a security token is a passive income that everyone can afford.

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We create cutting-edge solutions.

long-term solution with innovative services

Working with us, and trading is also a job, you can realize some of your dreams in a year with a small amount of time and money:
Buy a small gift for your beloved
Update your wardrobe
Spend an unforgettable evening with your beloved in the most luxurious restaurant in the city
Buy the newfangled gadgets
At the same time, it is better to spend your free time on other, weighty values:

communication with a beloved one, spending time with children and relaxing with friends.