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A unique trading platform of its kind

A fully adaptable fintech platform for financial institutions

A unique trading platform of its kind

Our company has specially designed TRDX tools for concluding agreements on the Forex market, and they fully meet the needs of the trader. For all trading software, we use HTML5, which, in turn, significantly simplifies the ability to conclude futures agreements. You don't need to install separate software for work. You can make trades from any device that supports Internet access, using a browser that is compatible with HTML5.

Even though TRDX tools are accessible and easy to use, we are moving on and keeping up with the time! Every day, TRDX tracks the growing trend of working with trading exchanges and adjusts its platform to the trader, making it more accessible and understandable.

A set of tools for the trader

Our indicators of events on the world stock exchange transmit information to the trader online, 24 hours a day.

Real-Time Market Data

In addition to the banal "buy" and "sell" buttons, we have developed a special, unique feature for our clients. Any trader working on our TRDX platform can easily set up a personal dashboard for themselves. You can hide unnecessary charts and indicators, or vice versa, add many tracers of the market changing every second.

TRDX is for innovation!

Every day we introduce a lot of new and useful features for our platform. Our team consists of a specially selected staff of programmers and analysts who work together to develop new, practical functionality for our clients.

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Our accomplishments are never enough for us, so we are continually developing!


We are productively working on new features

It is not difficult to estimate the time we spent on satisfying a user’s request, which others may use on different topics than their customer’s satisfaction. Our development works day in, day out to provide unique and necessary tools for the world which until now have been considered impossible. To sum up, TrdX allows you to build your own custom interface exactly the way you envision it without sacrificing speed.

We dedicated a whole department to the responsibility of developing and testing new widgets. You also have the opportunity to request new widgets. With no limits to your imagination, you can submit requests which our team will process, and perhaps you and our whole community can make use of your idea in the future on the platform.




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